Doing Business Under the Magic Tree

I love my trips to Senegal. I come back humbled, exhilarated and exhausted in equal measure, and having always learnt something new from the wonderful weavers with whom we work.
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Why Artisanne?

We are often asked why we called our business Artisanne. Could we not spell?  Was it another language? Like many new businesses in search of name, we brainstormed all sorts of ‘themes’ and options.
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The basket baby

Greetings are very important in Senegal. On meeting someone, one is expected to ask how the person is, how their family is and how the children are… even if you don’t know them.
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Bailgate Independent Article on Artisanne Weavers

The Artisan Marker, which opened at number 86 Bailgate in November, offers, handmade functional goods from local, British and international artists including its very popular traditionally-made hand-woven baskets from Senegal.
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