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Fair Trade at the heart of Artisanne Baskets

Fair Trade principles are at the heart of Artisanne’s business. 

We work directly – without middlemen – with our talented weavers in Senegal to ensure no one else is taking a cut and that we know who is working for us. We are committed to the women’s development and empowerment.

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Spring Declutter

Spring has sprung and we are in ‘spring cleaning mode’. If you are anything like us you dream of the simple, uncluttered life but the reality is we have kids and a family they come with lots of...’stuff’
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December at Artisanne

It is a busy time for small business but also behind the scenes at home and as we prepare for the one point in the year where we can really take a moment and really be with family and friends. The downside is the amount of house and home preparation that that takes! 

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Ethical Gift Ideas

Indeed it is still only halfway through November but Artisanne Handmade Baskets founder Elizabeth is rushing about Christmas Fairs and delivering baskets to your homes here in London already.
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October is Fair Trade Month

Autumn leaves are crunching underfoot, we are ignoring the urge to speak of Christmas although the shops are ushering us in that direction, but this month is important to us because it is Fair Trade Month.
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Ethical living with Artisanne- Prezola Wedding Gift List

We are pleased to have our baskets with Prezola: Winner of Wedding Gift List of The Year 2016! Offering flexibility and a beautiful range of products ( including some ours if we could be so bold.) Here is their latest article about our work.
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Baskets, Women, Feminism: Interview with Artisanne by Where and Wear

Where and Where, the gorgeous lifestyle, family and interiors website has posted their interview with us! Covering how we became to be in  Senegal, starting a small business, the weaving techniques and skills involved in making our Alibaba baskets and the direct relationship we have with our talented weavers.
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Doing Business Under the Magic Tree

I love my trips to Senegal. I come back humbled, exhilarated and exhausted in equal measure, and having always learnt something new from the wonderful weavers with whom we work.
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The basket baby

Greetings are very important in Senegal. On meeting someone, one is expected to ask how the person is, how their family is and how the children are… even if you don’t know them.
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