Artisanne celebrates World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day and the global pandemic has brought the importance of our natural world into even sharper focus, together with the negative impact of our human behaviour.   A few upsides of the lockdown have been hearing the birds more vividly, breathing cleaner air during our outdoor exercise and feeling closer to nature.  Environmentalists believe we are giving the planet a much needed recovery break.
With this opportunity to pause and perhaps re-evaluate our priorities, many of us are becoming increasingly conscious of the products we’re buying. We’re considering how sustainable they are, if they have natural origins, and are made to last more than a season and how we can make more environmentally friendly choices.         

Artisanne is proud to design homeware pieces that are reassuringly sustainable and that we hope you will treasure forever.  Our highly skilled weavers have perfected a tight, sturdy weave that makes the baskets long-lasting  ensuring the outstanding quality and style for which we are renowned.   

All our baskets are handwoven using sustainable local grasses and repurposed strips of plastic traditionally used to make bazin prayer mats.   The large and medium baskets are presented in a re-usable cotton drawstring bag, handmade in Senegal.
As we focus on World Environment Day, we hope that more of us will buy selectively and sustainably, adopting small changes in our lifestyle to help make a difference.  We believe Mother Nature and future generations will thank us for it.Thank you for your continued support in these difficult times and we hope that you and your family stay safe.

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