Artisanne La Prairie Tall Baskets Large and Medium

Artisanne at Home

Ever spotted a great basket but not quite sure how it will work or look in your home? Artisanne at Home is here to highlight some of the brilliant ways you can use each of our baskets and how we’ve designed them for specific storage purposes that add style all over the home.

Meet this week’s star the TALL BASKET
Handwoven in Senegal from sustainable grasses and repurposed plastic strips
Large: 65cm H x 26cm  
Medium: 50cm H x 20cm

Your Yoga Mat

In the bedroom, in the studio or perfectly positioned on the landing or in the playroom so you don’t forget to stretch! It peeks out of the Medium size as pictured below or can hide away neatly to keep your space zen-like in the Large version.

Umbrellas, walking sticks and sports equipment

A stylish inspiration positioned by the front door as a handy umbrella or walking stick stand. Slim enough to fit in a narrow hallway but sturdy enough to handle all the paraphernalia of kids sports or essentials for rainy walks outdoors!


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