Artisanne La Prairie Statement Basket

Your fireside friend from Artisanne at Home

When the weather’s too chilly and wet for the outdoors what better reason to stay cosy inside and cuddle up with your favourite person, your cat or dog, your kids, a cup of hot chocolate or a good book. Having comfy accessories right where you need them by the fireplace or sofa is where Artisanne at Home has the perfect solution.

Meet this week’s star basket, LA PRAIRIE STATEMENT

Handwoven in Senegal from sustainable grasses and repurposed plastic strips

Large: 56cm Dia x 47cm H

Medium: 48 cm Dia x 43 cm H

Living Rooms by the fireside
Full to the brim with logs for a wet windy weekend  to keep away the winter chills.

Your favourite throws and squishy cushions

La Prairie Statement is perfectly sized to hold everything you need to cocoon yourself in comfort whether that’s beside the fire, stretched out on the sofa or tucked in your favourite armchair.

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