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Artisanne is 99% women, have we gone too far?

I’m sure you are aware that today is International Women’s Day and this year’s focus is on #balanceforbetter, to accelerate gender equality, which we whole-heartedly support. But Artisanne is proud to be 99% women.  Have we taken things too far?  We would normally advocate a balance, but in Artisanne’s case we think the imbalance is right. Why?
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Senegal Series 2019 - Off to Dakar

I am writing to you en route to Senegal where I shall be spending the next week in the villages with the weavers, amongst other things working on our new handwoven basket designs.

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Keeping Christmas local

I adore Christmas and am guilty of indulging (over-indulging) and over-complicating the festivities: be it parties, food or buying gifts.  It can quickly turn into an expensive and exhausting time when I want it to be fun and magical.  So this year I’ve decided to try and simplify Christmas by keeping it local.
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Inspiring entrepreneurs: Jennie Hogg of Lois Avery

People are often ask what inspired me to start Artisanne and I have shared my story on the website. One of the highlights of Artisanne is meeting other entrepreneurs, often women, and discovering what led them to start their business. One is Jennie Hogg of Lois Avery ( who I was introduced to by the lovely Natasha of Wear and Where.

When Jennie and I first met, we talked for hours about beautiful design, travel and the fusion of creativity and practicality that make certain items truly unique.

Jennie, a former lawyer with a love of fashion, designs stunning Italian cashmere shawls...

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Ethical brands you will love

October is Fairtrade month and we wanted to share with you some ethical brands that we love and think you will too.


My friend, Kathy, introduced me to Farmdrop and there’s no turning back.  The concept is simple: from farmer to your door in 19 hours. Wherever possible your food comes from within 150 miles and local farmers are paid 70% of the retail value. 

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Artisanne is Three!

Artisanne is 3!
Green Days - part of the Bedford Park Festival is happening this weekend and if you are in West London do pop by. It is a quintessentially British Fete and Craft Fair with a great mix of stalls and entertainment for the whole family. Chiswick locals, young and old, help man the stalls - the ones on the BBQ cooking the delicious Mackens burgers deserve a medal. I’ve been going since I was a little girl and I love it.  It is where Artisanne 'launched'!

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Artisanne's first Fair Trade conference - BAFTS 2018

As the founder of a small business that has recently been awarded the BAFTS (British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers) certification I found myself attending the annual conference for the first time and I had no idea what to expect.  Fair Trade can often be perceived as worthy and ‘heavy’ subject but this was not the case yesterday. 
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Journey to Learning

We are excited to tell you about our new initiative “JOURNEY TO LEARNING”, 

When I was in Senegal last month, I discovered that children are walking 10 km round trip in up to 40C heat to get to school because the school transport is no longer running. Boys find it easier to get accommodation in the school village, so the girls are suffering most and some are attending school infrequently. They would like to go to school but some days they are simply too tired. Having spoken to key people in the villages we are setting up “Journey to Learning”.

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Fair Trade at the heart of Artisanne Baskets

Fair Trade principles are at the heart of Artisanne’s business. 

We work directly – without middlemen – with our talented weavers in Senegal to ensure no one else is taking a cut and that we know who is working for us. We are committed to the women’s development and empowerment.

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Spring Declutter

Spring has sprung and we are in ‘spring cleaning mode’. If you are anything like us you dream of the simple, uncluttered life but the reality is we have kids and a family they come with lots of...’stuff’
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December at Artisanne

It is a busy time for small business but also behind the scenes at home and as we prepare for the one point in the year where we can really take a moment and really be with family and friends. The downside is the amount of house and home preparation that that takes! 

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Ethical Gift Ideas

Indeed it is still only halfway through November but Artisanne Handmade Baskets founder Elizabeth is rushing about Christmas Fairs and delivering baskets to your homes here in London already.
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