Keeping Christmas local

I adore Christmas and am guilty of indulging (over-indulging) and over-complicating the festivities: be it parties, food or buying gifts.  It can quickly turn into an expensive and exhausting time when I want it to be fun and magical.  So this year I’ve decided to try and simplify Christmas by keeping it local.

On My Doorstep

Given my business, it won’t surprise you that I support small businesses wherever possible. You have probably seen the quote ‘big shops don’t do a little jig when they make a sale’, and it is true - I know that feeling. I also know how hard it is to run your own business but how easy it is to shop from one large store/online supplier when time-pressed. 

We are lucky to live in an area with many local shops, so recently I walked to some of the shops that I don’t often visit and was rewarded with some lovely, original Christmas presents. I am hoping to buy all my presents locally this last year. Don’t forget to look out for Christmas pop-ups in your area such as the wonderful Lulu & Nat (90 Golborne Road, W10 5PS)

Image @luluandnat


Fairs and Crafts

I love handmade products and am fascinated by the fusion of creativity and practicality that make certain items truly unique.  I have been to several Christmas fairs and have been thrilled to meet some talented local craftspeople working with beautiful, contemporary designs. Check out Ferrar’s www.ferrar.com gorgeous handmade felt bears.

@ferrar_design image @manythingless



Simple Gift Wrapping

After decorating the tree, wrapping presents is one of my favourite things. I once read “Never underestimate the power of brown paper and luggage tags” so given that gift-wrap is not recyclable, this year we are using brown paper with ribbon and twine bought from our crafts shop.

I am really looking forward to experimenting. The children are keen to make their own tags and to ink stamp the paper with Christmas motifs. It will be creative and hopefully lots of fun!


Image @cottonwoodcanopy 

Writing this I realise how luck I am to be able to walk up the road and do nearly all my Christmas shopping. It won’t be taking it for granted as I make the most of my local shops. 

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