Spring Declutter

Spring has sprung and we are in ‘spring cleaning mode’. If you are anything like us you dream of the simple, uncluttered life but the reality is we have kids and a family they come with lots of...’stuff’

So with kids in the middle of midterm and Easter looming ahead (yes, holidays again!) we were determined to declutter. We stumbled on a tactic that worked for us: the 5 minute fix. Focus on one area for five minutes and after five minutes walk away.   

We were ruthless and binned broken toys and gave away things that our children had outgrown. We were left with 3 piles of ‘fun stuff that they still loved’: small items such as dolls’ clothes and shoes, soft toys and building blocks.  And so our stacking round storage baskets were born. Big enough to hold lots of toys but not too deep so you can easily find them.  And not your usual plastic eyesore! we love them. Hope you do too. 

x Elizabeth and Emma


Artisanne Round Storage Baskets 

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