Artisanne La Prairie Statement Basket

Plant Power

Artisanne focuses on Nature’s inspiration

Plants don’t just add beauty, vibrancy and colour to any home interior, they can also produce positive benefits by filtering out pollutants, releasing oxygen and freshening the air. So a little plant therapy goes a long way and it’s no surprise sales have soared this year. The quirky Fishbone cactus and joyfully named Happy Bean plant are set to be two of the new best-selling house plants for 2021* with sales up over a thousand percent for both as we continue to decorate with nature and bring the outdoors inside. (source: House Beautiful)

Growing plants outside has also become a new found hobby for many people - The Sunflower Project which sent out free seeds to plant and grow on request and My Real Garden are just two initiatives that thrived during last year’s lockdown.  My Real Garden has just crowd-funded a book collating the hacks, tips and tricks of an eclectic group of amateur gardeners inspired by professional, Anne Marie Powell and her Instagram stories who found solace in planting and nurturing flowers and vegetables. Using whatever small space they had, many described it as “growing hope” and providing a welcome distraction.

Plant power and Nature’s beauty is all around us and continually changing as we move from Spring to Summer - we hope you find it a source of relaxation and inspiration.Close to home, Emma and I have always found it therapeutic to have plants indoors and feel lucky to have gardens where we can appreciate the outdoors although hers in Africa has a very different look to mine in London!  We also appreciate some of Nature’s most wonderful materials, the sustainable Ndiorokh grasses which our 85 talented Senegalese weavers use to skilfully weave our wonderful baskets, creating lasting pieces that now include our new striking monochrome statement baskets - stunning for large plant displaysin striking monochrome make stylish cover pots.  Our handwoven baskets are perfect to line and plant with a collection of bulbs or your favourite house cactus or fern.  Or why not lift the lid off one of our popular mini alibabas and use it as a stylish cover pot for a plant then repurpose it as a useful storage basket for your bathroom or bedroom.

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