Artisanne Round Laundry Basket

Spring cleaning, we can’t help it – it’s rooted in human nature!

Here’s a fun fact about the Spring clean – while it feels like a chore, it’s something we’re irresistibly drawn to by our biology. According to HowStuffWorks, the increase in daylight hours triggers our brains to reduce the sleep-inducing melatonin hormone that spikes during the winter months. We can blame melatonin for keeping us stuck on the sofa watching box sets when it’s cold and dark as we literally lack the energy for anything much - including cleaning. Thankfully Spring sunshine and warmth revitalises us out of our sluggishness and suddenly it seems we’ve that desire for sparkling windows and clutter free spaces!

To make this instinctive Spring clean even easier, Artisanne’s handwoven baskets lend themselves perfectly to restoring some order and making our homes a haven. Our ethical and sustainably woven designs provide great looking, versatile storage solutions that last and adapt, meaning you don’t need to compromise on style to keep things tidy.

Spring isn’t just about cleaning, it encourages us to exercise so if yoga’s your thing, we have the perfectly sized Handwoven Yoga Mat Basket to pop in the hallway and why not give any room a luscious touch of greenery in our Handwoven Planter – indoor plants are another natural mood booster.

If you love the fresh smell of clean, outdoor-dried laundry our stylish handwoven Round Laundry Baskets keep a tidy lid on things until they’re washed, enhanced by a choice of colourful stripes and original motifs.

A familiar decluttering conundrum, often faced by parents is how to keep the children’s toys and games under control and contain the constant spread! There’s no need for plastic crates with our fabulous, stackable, woven Toy Baskets in 3 sizes. They save floor space, are truly lovely to look at and roomy enough to hide plenty of dolls, dinosaurs, Lego, transformers and plushies with handwoven colour accents to suit your décor.


Let’s not forget refreshing touches to the bathroom with our award-winning, handwoven Loo Roll Storage Basket ensuring you never run out (now the panic has subsided) and our charming, iconic shaped Mini Baba which creates an original and stylish way to keep cotton wool, cotton buds or hair accessories elegantly out of sight.

So don’t fight it - embrace your instinct to tidy up, then relax and enjoy the Spring sunshine - job done.

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