Artisanne Round Storage Baskets

Time to welcome Spring and reclaim your space

As our homes finally return to being our haven in 2022, it’s the perfect time to declutter, refresh and set a ‘tidy tone’. This is TV tidiness guru Dilly Carter’s approach, giving each room a focus. So, with our top three large, elegantly woven baskets you can tuck things away, reclaim your lovely space room by room and feel the freshness as we head towards Spring.

It’s great to pick the trouble spots and create an ideal vision. First tackle a typical messy area - toys and games. Why not designate a basket for each child or type of toy, like dolls & clothes or Lego, which should keep things under control. Our lidded Round Storage Basket is roomy and comes with a selection of colourful accents to suit your décor and the baskets stack neatly in the corner so you can find your floor again!

If your bedroom tends to feature a ‘floor-drobe’ with everything in a chaotic heap, we recommend the magical charm of our signature Alibaba basket, not just to keep dirty laundry tucked away but even to store clean linens, towels or jumpers. Its iconic shape makes a stylish, eye-catching accent. 

Perhaps the bane of your life is the bathroom but don’t worry we have solutions. Our Round Laundry Basket is generously sized for bath towels and our round storage baskets keep a neat lid on all those products so only the essentials are on display. Both will work equally well if you have a utility space.

So, take a fresh look at your home, Spring is coming and you can achieve that tidy, minimalist look with just a few Artisanne baskets to help restore calm – at least until hometime!

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