Artisanne x Conran - an exciting and unique homeware collaboration

Artisanne x Conran - an exciting and unique homeware collaboration

We can finally share some very exciting news that’s a dream come true for us - a unique collaboration between Artisanne and the legendary homeware company Conran. We’re delighted to have created a bespoke basket ware collection for their UK and Japanese stores.

When Conran first approached us nearly 2 years ago it was an incredible, pinch myself moment  because, since launching Artisanne in 2014, Conran had been on our wish list of stores to be featured in. After initial talks and samples were produced, lockdown slowed down the process so we’ve been keeping this secret for a long time!  The Conran team has been a joy to work with, completely embracing Artisanne’s design ethos and our principle of empowering our talented Senegalese women weavers and fairly rewarding their skill.

As the late Terence Conran said “Home is the heart of life…making a home is a form of creativity open to everyone” and we wholeheartedly share this belief bringing these bespoke, handwoven designs to you to enhance your home with original touches.


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