In the Media

You'll find us in the latest Bailgate Independent telling its readers all about our women weavers in Senegal

The Artisan Marker, which opened at number 86 Bailgate in November, offers, handmade functional goods from local, British and international artists including its very popular traditionally-made hand-woven baskets from Senegal.  Whilst the Artisan Maker only stocks fairly-traded international good, the Senegalese baskets have an extra colourful story all of their own.

Sisters Elizabeth and Emma supply the baskets to the shop; Elizabeth is based in London and Emma in Senegal, allowing her to directly work and negotiate with 'the ladies' as they have become fondly referred to by the team behind the Artisan Maker.  The undeniably talented and dedicated Senegalese ladies weave with meticulous attention to detail from their homes in villages near Thies in Senegal.  The skills are shared and passed down through the generations.  Emma works directly with them



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