Doing business under the Magic Tree

Doing business under the Magic Tree

I love my trips to Senegal. I come back humbled, exhilarated and exhausted in equal measure, and having always learnt something new from the wonderful weavers with whom we work.

On the last day of my visit to one village, I was invited to ‘do business’ under the Magic Tree.  This, I was informed, would bring good luck to us all.  The Magic Tree is sacrosanct in this village as it has been there for as long as anyone can remember. Two trees have become wrapped around each other.  One completely bare yet healthy entwines itself around the larger leafy tree, yet both survive, grow and flourish…. as would our relationship and business together if we sat under the tree to work. This we duly did for the next 2 hours, discussing designs and colourways for our new range.

 ‘InShaAllah’ as the weavers would say that the magic tree continues to work its magic.


Elizabeth de Vise

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