Handwoven Storage Basket with Lid


At your request we have designed a larger version of our Small Round Storage Basket. Holds more, hides more!  A practical storage basket with style. It comes with a snug fitting lid and is ideal for hiding toiletries in bathrooms, cleaning products in kitchens, as well as unwanted clutter in bedrooms.

Artisanne works directly - without middlemen - with the artisans who are based in a village near Thiès in Senegal. Direct access and communication with the artisans allows us to design our own styles and guarantee the top-end quality that Artisanne is renowned for.

The small round storage basket is weaved from a local ndiorokh grass intertwined with long strips of plastic.  Its unique hand crafted nature means that no two baskets are exactly the same.

Dimensions are approximate:

30 cm H x 27 cm W

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