Alibaba Extra Large


Treat someone you love to an extra special, highly original gift this Christmas.  This stylish Extra Large Alibaba  makes a key feature in any bedroom, bathroom, landing or hallway.  Not only is it beautiful but fantastically practical - perfect for storing throws, cushions, linen and duvets as well as a large family's laundry.  You don't have to worry about wrapping it as arrives in in its own reusable cotton drawstring bag, handmade in Senegal!

This stunning sustainable basket was expertly woven by Fatou and her team in a remote village near Thiès in Senegal. There are very few artisans who can weave extra large Alibabas to Artisanne's exceptional quality and it takes them a week to make.  Enclosed with the basket is a card explaining who created it and how it is made.

It is weaved from a local ndiorokh grass intertwined with long strips of plastic and braided leather handles.  Its unique hand crafted nature means that no two baskets are exactly the same.  

Dimensions are approximate: 

Extra Large: 87cm H x 45cm W 

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