Christmas special

This year gift someone a unique and ethically sourced Alibaba basket. Not only are they beautiful and sustainable with their charming, distinctive shape and wonderful craftsmanship but also ideal for laundry, storing linen or soft toys.  Treat yourself to one too with our special Christmas promotion of a set of large and medium.

Artisanne works directly - without middlemen - with the artisans who are based in a village near Thiès in Senegal. Direct access and communication with the artisans allows us to design our own styles and guarantee the top-end quality that Artisanne is renowned for.

The Alibaba Laundry Basket is weaved from a local ndiorokh grass intertwined with long strips of plastic.  Its snug-fitting distintive Alibaba lid ensures laundry stays hidden and the integrated handles make it easy to carry.    

Its unique hand crafted nature means that no two baskets are exactly the same.

Each basket has braided leather handles and arrives in its own reusable cotton drawstring bag, handmade in Senegal.

Dimensions are approximate:

Large: 80cm H x 43cm W 

Medium: 66cm H x 38cm W

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