JADA Award Winner!

We are absolutely buzzing having found out that we have won the JADA 20th Anniversary Awards for our Toy Baskets. JADA is a brand new award introduced to celebrate Junior's 20th Anniversary. It aims to showcase the 20 best designed or 'absolutely'  best-of-the-best designed product/brands of the year. 

The WINNING #JADA's were selected from all the winning brands that were awarded Platinum in the Junior Design Awards. All awards were judged by the Junior editorial team and a host of highly respected judges. The JADA's were then hand-selected by the Junior Editor.

Thank you so much for your support - will be having some bubbles tonight!

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Artisanne wins Junior Design Awards Platinum!

We are thrilled to have won Platinum at the Junior Design Awards 2018 for Best Interiors Product Design! This is what Junior said about Artisanne

"There were so many love heart eyes for these bright and beautiful baskets, which are ideal for stowing away clutter and toys. Our judges loved the sturdiness and practicality of this product as well as the simple beautiful design. Comments ranged from "Absolutely amazing!" to "Love, love, love!" Mama and founder of Little Spree, Sarah Clark commented, "Beautiful storage for children’s rooms/spaces." But perhaps the biggest accolade...


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Fair Trade at the heart of Artisanne Baskets

Fair Trade principles are at the heart of Artisanne’s business. 

We work directly – without middlemen – with our talented weavers in Senegal to ensure no one else is taking a cut and that we know who is working for us. We are committed to the women’s development and empowerment.

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December at Artisanne

It is a busy time for small business but also behind the scenes at home and as we prepare for the one point in the year where we can really take a moment and really be with family and friends. The downside is the amount of house and home preparation that that takes! 

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